Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nocturnal reflections

The first night which sees the return of my friend Insomnia.

We have been close associates for most of my adult life but recently (since the advent of the new bed) I have been sleeping an unusual percentage of the night.
Sometimes as much as four hours at a time.

No particular theme comes to mind for this post so it's just a question of odds and sods, sorry, for my more sensitive readers - odds and ends.

The first this which strikes me is that it is cooler tonight than for the past week - no bad thing methinks - but still with too many windows open I am attracting unwanted company from first a largish moth (not my first choice of visitor), and worse, much worse, a quite large spider.

He is of the medium small bodied, very long legged variety and I want him OUT.

Damn it!  He is now lurking behind a chest of drawers behind me, so this is being typed faster than I wanted with much glancing over my shoulder in case he has re-emerged.

I had meant to write a post about the Jubilee service at St. Mary's on Sunday, which was attended by the High Sheriff of the county, the Bishop and the Archdeacon.

The church looks absolutely wonderful, with flags, bunting and millions of flowers - yes I have taken photographs and will post them at some stage, though not in this present over-populated space.

I have unfortunately had a few spells of illness recently and am currently not up to scratch so blogging has not been the first thing on my mind.  But, when things return to normal I shall probably get my old enthusiasm back.

Oh dear, oh dear, There is now an other sound which needs investigating...........

Just nerves getting the better of me I think.  It sounded as though someone was on the roof. !  Not possible, I think, but, just in case, I have now shut all the big windows which were open.

When the British Gas engineer came (see recent post) he solved the water heater/radiator problem and went up into the loft to check that everything was OK up there.  He assured me all was well, which I assume also includes the fact that no-one has taken up residence up there.  No, I'm not serious, I'm really not that nervous.

It is strange though,  isn't it how general debility added to tiredness can send the imagination into overdrive?

When I was a child my mother had to check my wardrobe and under the bed for me before I could settle to sleep on many nights.  My general jumpiness caused John much amusement (and occasional irritation) and it was not until after his death that I suddenly ceased to worry about who or what might be lurking in odd corners.

Tonight is an exception!


  1. I know the feeling about someone on the roof! Our house in Atlanta is shaded by a large pecan tree, which is usually filled with squirrels. Sometimes they jump off a branch and run across the roof, and it sounds like a bunch of horses instead of small squirrels! I'm used to it now, but it is funny how things can sound!

    Glad to know the new bed is allowing you to get a little more sleep!

  2. Hi Penny. Too much imagination is both a blessing and a curse. It is possible to live most of the time in a world inside your head, This can mean, as in my case that every small event can be misinterpreted to fit the imaginary scenario.
    Luckily I do manage to 'touch down' into reality ocasionally.
    The new bed is a total success.