Sunday, 29 October 2017

Not a Happy Bunny

In the last couple of days all the followers have vanished from my blog.

I have tried all the things my limited computer skills will allow me to do with no success.

In the grand scheme of things this is not a major tragedy I know, but,
there is a sense of achievement in viewing my small gallery of followers, a sense of being part of a community which i greatly value.

Looking at the space where my gallery once existed is not an encouraging occupation.

I do not wish to point the finger of blame (I do really), but, I suspect the dreaded Google Follower Swallower has eaten them.

Any ideas (strictly for a lame-brain non-techie) as to how I can persuade Google to disgorge my friends?

Monday, 23 October 2017

The Blessing/Curse of easy communication

Unbelievable though it may seem i do not own a smartphone, nor do I want one.

There are few people I need to talk to by phone and when the need arises I use my landline (about three calls a month).

All the millions of other uses offered by increasingly 'clever' gadgets hold no interest for me.

This being so I receive far more phone calls than I want, especially cold calls from suppliers of just about everything in the world for which I have no use.

Perhaps I am a dinosaur, but if I am why do I need replacement double-glazing when what I have looks good cost a lot and will not be replaced in my lifetime.

Dinosaurs do not need their front gardens replaced with block paving, nor do they need to replace their non-existent cars with newer models.

And, And, And, they/we/I do not want my loft insulation replaced because it is no longer effective.  It is. 

What is the matter with the insane world of cold-calling that they do not understand the (no, not interested) and seem unable to process the idea that any individual - let alone one as ancient as I am - could possibly have a  mind of their own.

Three times this afternoon (once since I started this post), I have received calls telling me in no uncertain terms that my roof insulation needs to be updated.

Just to set the record straight, I have Googled the number from which they phoned only to find a stream of similar complaints.

Just where will it end.

Must I really remove the Jack-plug from the wall to put and end to them?

Nearly, not quite, desperate.!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Well Named Slippers

For the past few weeks i have been having problems with my left knee, pain and weakness being just two of the symptoms.

I have had a 'bad' knee for many years but have learned to live with it.

This morning however my leg gave way as I went downstairs with a load of washing and I fell banging my lower back and slipping all the way to the bottom of the stairs in my very slippery slippers.

The leg giving way has featured several times recently so against my normal practice I rang my local surgery and have an appointment to see a doctor this afternoon.

Obviously I can't just keep ignoring the problem, and while it has caused a few near collapses recently I was going to wait until i could see the Parkinson's doctor to  find out if it is related to the disease or something different.

While i am sure the slipperiness of my slippers contributed to the slide down the stairs, the original leg giving way thing  is what I am really worried about.

The pictured slippers are nothing like mine i would add.  Mine are normal, but unfortunately, normal slippers have very smooth soles.

Any suggestions?