Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Triumph of hope over experience

In a period of self-inflicted aloneness (not to be confused with loneliness), it occurred to me that one of the reasons we as humans continue to hope against all apparent reason is that there is always, for most of us anyway, the possibility that we are not entirely in control of our own destinies.

Whether it be God, some kind of social circle, family or even just a friendly passing stranger, there is always the possibility of the involvement of others in our lives.

If we tend towards the morbid or introspective a sudden shake-up from 'outside' can have quite startling results. Even the most determined misanthrope can be kick-started into a new attitude, activity, interest or friendship by a seemingly accidental brush with an outsider.

From personal experience I know just how valuable this can be and how it can cause us to re-evaluate our most deeply held opinions. Long live the ability to keep an open mind .

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Get it in perspective

After a disturbed night feeling less than sparkling went to a very good church service. Several baptisms and generally happy morning. However, spirits descended sharply on return home. Inspiration suddenly strikes. This is a good chance to get on with some weeding.

Stuck my ungloved (idiot) hand into large tub of lavender and was stung by a wasp. Gasping from the pain tried to knock the little b..... off my left index finger and the vicious evil little beast stung me again.

I know we are all God's creatures, but I can't help wondering what He/She was thinking when the wasp was created.

There is little doubt that we all have our place in the scheme of things, and at last I'm beginning to discover mine.

The babies in church this morning are just starting on their voyage of discovery, while I am
getting daily nearer to the end of mine yet I am living proof that contrary to popular belief age does not bring wisdom, only more questions.

What a load of piffle!

Time for this baggy-eyed crone to get some much-needed rest.

I'm afraid I'll almost certainly be back!