Saturday, 25 November 2017

So Sorry for Myself

Anyone who is looking for a cheerful post from me after my long absence had better not read this.

Sometimes life just ticks along fairly pleasantly with no serious hiccups and suddenly along comes a black patch.

Back in early October I had a problem with my left leg.  It kept giving way without any warning and I slipped on the stairs and made it a lot worse.

A couple of weeks later the leg was much better and I was out of the blue attacked by seemingly legions of insects and had bites on my arms, legs and on the front of my neck which itched like mad and when I scratched, turned to eczema.

This has still not completely disappeared but has taken second place to a nasty cough and throat/chest infection.  Not only can I not sing (and itis getting near to Advent) but I can only speak in a hoarse croak.

This morning shoppimg for food I somehow caught the little finger on the right hand and it turned right back on itself.  Hurt only a little at the time, though there was an ominous creak, but is now turning a nice shade of navy blue and is swollen to twice its natural size.

I am not sure whether it is broken or merely sprained but could really do without anyuthing else going wrong for the rest of the uear at least.

Yes I know worse things happen at sea (and everywhere else) but I have had enough.

All say Ahhhh

OK don't then.