Thursday, 25 April 2019


The four days from Maundy Thursday to  Easter Sunday with hours and hours of singing seem like a distant memory already.

We sang some very difficult and lengthy pieces which took us out of our comfort zone.  The comments after each service were very complimentary and helped to compensate for the hard work.

The Saturday evening whjich included either 13 or 15 Confirmations by the Bishop (can't remember how many) was a particularly happy time.

Sometimes I forget just how old St Mary's is, but the traditional Easter and Christmas services bring the ancient stones to life in a way the normal Sunday ones never seem to and the excellent accoustics make the music even better.

This Saturday evening the weather was perfect and the sun poured through the glorious West window with its amazing colours in a way we seldom see.

We had six readings (mine was no 5), and six psalms as well as a sung eucharist.

Altogether a huge undertaking, but well worth the effort.

A lot of the time attendance at the normal services seems a bit routine, but the taking part in the really big ones (when they are well done), is pure joy.

It is nine years since I was baptised and confirmed and I have never had cause to regret the decision which caused me such a change of direction from my old life.

My life  is much more tranquil than ever before.  Deo Gracias.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Protest Songs - Hat-tip to Jean at Tregear Vean

Reading one of my favourite blogs this morning I was reminded of my own history of singing on protest marches.

The photo on the left was on one of the Anti-bomb CND marches back in the late 50's or early 60's.

My neck and shoulders (face hidden by the poster ) are bottom left.  The singer/guitar player my youngest brother.

All  three of my brothers and a group of fellow singer/Socialists spent many summers, marching and singing anti-bomb, pro peace songs.

The Aldermaston March was the biggest of these events and always culminated in a rally in Trafalgar Square, where The Hiroshima Song and others would be relayed to the thousands in the crowds.

While very serious about the purpose of the protest, we nevertheless enjoyed the singing, and of  course it helped us to forget our aching legs and feet.

The marches were always lead by amixture of politicians, clergy, actors and writers and often the addresses over the public address system in the Square were of the finest calibre.

While it is true there were also hundreds of police present, both on the march and in the square, it was rare for any serious trouble to break out and mostly relations between "Us" and "Them" were fairly friendly.

I can't help wondering if today's youth could be persuaded away from their phones and gadgets long enough to register any interest at all in the issues of the day.

And if they could, what would they sing?

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Really Weird Scam

There have been so many reported scams in blogs I hesitate to add yet another, but this morning's effort was truly weird so I thought I'd better air it.

The phone rang, I picked up the receiver and there was an automated call, an American voice, female and , one I have heard before.

This time the speech went something like this: The reason for this call is that someone has taken out legal action against you, if you want to talk to your case oficer the number is...

That was when I realised what was  happening and I put the phone down.

As i said, a very weird one

My previous calls also automated and the same voice were some months ago and warned me that my internet connection was being cut in a few days' time.

Ialways ignore these calls but must admit to feeling slightly rattled by this one.

What on earth do they hope to gain?

The curious (OK nosy) side of me would quite like to know what would have happened had I been stupid enough to ring the number they gave me.

There appears to be no limit to list of tricks the wicked are happy to play on the unwary.