About Me

A singer from the age of about 7 later, choral, opera, and other including a brief membership of a folk group, and a few 'gigs' with a jazz band.  Blues etc.  These days an alto with St. Mary's Aylesbury church choir.

A tendancy to cynicism, scepticism and general distrust of new ideas, until proven.
Impatient with people who are not open and straight, particularly if they are pretentious.

Basically kind and empathetic but not a 'soft touch'.
A cat lover, bird lover (not at the same time), and a lover of music, literature art and 'some' poetry.

A true Piscean, indecisive, a dreamer, romantic, imaginative. warped sense of humour, basically shy, but can be noisy and full of energy, totally incompetant with all things technical particularly computers. Life-long insomniac.
Slowly, after nearly 40 years discovering a hidden extrovert.

Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2015. 

Still singing with St. Mary's Church choir at age 83  (Hoping to get away with it a little longer)