Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Sound of Music

A friend recently emailed me to find out it I was OK as I had not blogged for a while and that is how she keeps in touch.

I replied that I was not feeling my brightest and best and would come up for air some time soon.

Those who read my trivia will know that when the mood is not right I tend to retreat into my shell.

Additionally this is a busy time musically and the weather has been imposing its own restrictions on my activities.

Last Wednesday we had the Imposition of Ashes service in the evening and on Saturday a shared music workshop with a local choir which then lead to a shared Evensong.

Since both of these events included a lot of extra music there has been little time for anything else.

We sang "Salvatore Mundi", The "Magnificat" and some Tallis as well as sung psalms etc.

Musically it was lovely, socially too, but it was a lot of work and was followed by the usual Sunday Eucharist with a totally different lot of music so energy levels were not at their best.

Just to lighten the mood the hitherto relentlessly wet weather suddenly turned bright and sunny and bitterly cold.

Feeding the birds this morning, everything white with frost, the normally nervous creatures were just sitting waiting for me to throw out a few scoops of seed so they could descend like tiny football shaped vultures.

Tomorrow there is the threat of snow - hopefully just a threat - and then rain and wind to follow.  I just love February!

I know February is, mercifully, a short month, but it is not one I care for and indeed I'm seriously thinking of hibernating this November until about April and just giving the whole thing a bypass.

Skimming through this load of drivel I now know why I haven't blogged for a while.

Sorry about that will try to do better.  (SOON)