Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Germ War fare

Today once again looking out of windows drowning in sheets of rain, wind rattling house and skies grey as far as I can see, I find myself wondering  why human beings don't hibernate like the more intelligent animals.

In fact, having once again been struck down by the annual  Advent  virus just over 10 days ago, I am only just now beginning to even think about life outside these four walls.

Every year about this time half the choir goes down with a bug and all the careful hard work that has gone into the Advent music is wasted as our poor musical director tries desperately to change listed music for simpler well known stuff which needs half the usual numbers to sound reasonable.

In addition to this, yesterday was the funeral/memorial service for the wife of our Sacristan and I really wanted so much to be there.  I have been told that there was a good turnout despite lowish numbers in the choir but that doesn't make me feel any less frustrated by my own incapacity.

Will we ever develop the ability to fight off virus infections or is this simply the way we are meant to be?

Brilliant scientists achieve incredible unbelievable break-throughs in so many areas of human achievement yet nobody so far has even begun to keep back the overwhelming tide of virus infections which lay the population low every year.

I wonder if we moved to another planet could we leave the bugs behind, or would we have even bigger stronger ones to contend with?

All I want for Christmas is a cure for the common cold.

...and a large whisky.