Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Satirical Post

Today is the great decider day (yet another), when we will hear which, if any of the options before the PM will be accepted.

The noble (sometimes) institution known as the House of Commons will pour forth another deluge of wise words meant to clarify the horrible mess known as Brexit.

Said institution henceforth referred to as "The Gas Works", will yet again try to bamboozle the bewildered voting populace with their own versions (and there are many), of our current situation and offer their own solutions .

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is trying still in the face of almost total opposition to batter her way through the fog and get her motion accepted.

Like most of the country I am sick to death of the subject and am rapidly losing my grip on what the original aims of Brexit were.

How we must appear to the bemused gaze of the other EU members i can only  shudder to imagine, and while it is good to be able to provide some light entertainment for their amusement the joke must be wearing thin.

No deal looks increasingly likely, and where that will leave us is up that famous creek without a paddle.

Occasional rumbles from elder statesmen have produced nothing of value and we seem to be further back than we were after the stay/leave vote.

By the way, I voted to remain.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Time for Change

A new year is traditionally the chance to make a clean sweep of all the things you don't like about your life, change for the better what you can, and find ways of dealing with those you cannot change.

Such a lofty and noble plan, so what is stopping us?

Sometimes outside forces, sometimes our tendency to cling to old habits or as in my case, simple inertia.

It has been linked by some people to depression, and there is some truth in that, but also the basic nature of the individual plays a big part in just how much energy we are prepared to spend on trying to rethink our way of life.

Laziness has always been a big part of my nature, and at one time was merely mental inertia but these days includes a disinclination to make myself do anything I don't really want to do.

This I justify by saying "I am too old" or "I am not as fit as I was", when in truth what I should say is "I can't be bothered, it would take too much effort".

Spending as I do, all of the Christmas and New Year break on my own gives me much more time than usual to dream up reasons for not doing things, while the usually bad weather (though not this year) is the perfect excuse for not moving a muscle except when absolutely necessary.

I make a big list of all the jobs which I should do in this long break from routine and start by crossing off each one as I complete it, feeling smug and self-satisfied with each tick.

Then instead of lurking in the shadows, in comes inertia sidling round the door, whispering "Leave that one till tomorrow", or "Wait a day or two to do that you may feel more energetic".

Inevitably when I return to my routine Monmday morning in St Mary's (7th Jan this year) I will get caught up in the usual energy draining activities and think, "You idiot why didn't you do so and so while you had that long break, now you'll have to find time to fit it in in a busy week".

Somehow however, it does get done during the 'normal' week and takes very little effort while affording huge satisfaction that it is at last done.

When the rain in mid January is lashing down and the garden is fast becoming a lake, I think "Just look at all that old bird-seed you meant to sweep up while it was dry, now it is turning to porridge".

So this year I am going to lock the door on prevarication and "Gird up my Lions" and jujst get on with it.  Or at least that is my intention.

A very happy healthy New year to all.  Keep moving.