Friday, 30 July 2010

battered bewildered and confused

You would think by now (my third attempt), I'd be getting the hang of this blogging mularky , or do you know me better than that already?

Every time what appears to be the grain of an idea looms into view, my total ineptness, is there such a word? interferes with my desire to communicate.

By the time I've got to the empty page all inspiration has long since departed. Whatever made me imagine I could do this?

Here's a promise, the next time I rear my dazed head I will have something to say.

Meanwhile does anyone know of an idiot's guide for trainee idiots? Answers in Braille please.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mindless Meanderings

Here I am again. Once again with nothing of value to add to the daily helping of Internet dross. That however, will in no way affect my intention of adding my 10 cents worth.

Today standing at the bus stop I watched a red kite floating on the thermals with the grace of an
Angel. These huge, beautiful birds once almost extinct, now on the increase in the UK, seem to me a symbol of hope in what sometimes seems to be a dark and lightless existance.

As it circled lower and lower a woman sitting waiting for the bus said "Ooh look at that horrible great thing, wouldn't want that in your garden would you?"

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hello World. In case anyone thinks I've lost the plot, this is the first time I've ever used the internet. At my advanced age of .....years computers and I have never previously crossed swords.

A bit of a steep learning curve but what the Hell, nothing venture.....

Widowed just under a year ago after 38 years of marriage, life seemed to have shut down on me and the only way out from under was to try to do everything I had never had time or opportunity to try before.

Among the seemingly endless list of negatives were things like: learning to drive, learning to use a computer, mobile phone, ride a bike, swim and dozens of others. I began by starting to sing again after 24 years, first having singing lessons so I could join the Parish Church choir without frightening the crows out of the trees.

Next came the first driving lesson of my life. Quite terrifying for me, but even more so for my poor driving instructor. After ten fairly hair-raising lessons he was kind enough to say he thinks I will make it (eventually)! I'm not so sure but will continue until I kill my first pedestrian...... do they have driving lessons in prison?

Hurdle no 3 is the biggy, bought the computer etc., found someone who kindly set it up for me now comes the hard part, learning to use the .......thing. Help!

Speak to you later. Or maybe not, depends...