Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Returning to the Arena

 I have no idea whether this will work but am attempting to re-enter the world of Blog. 

Last July I decided that since my life was on hold until pandemic rules were dropped I would not bore anyone with more blogs about nothing at all. 

From October when i had made up my mind to go back to church/choir nothing but problems filled my daily life. First several weeks of agonising sciatica, followed by a large cyst on my back which I could neither see nor reach, entailing trips to the surgery 3times a week for cleaning packing of the wound and dressing etc,  Great fun!

A chill causing stomach problems and a series of nose-bleeds, sudden and heavy.  All these and a breakdown of my gas central heating pump. followed by a leak through the ceiling and down the central light fitting in the small bedroom (on Christmas Eve) have filled my every waking moment with the expectation of a plague of locusts any day now.  Other than that, life has been boring for the past 2 years and I didn't feel inclined to share my gloom with all and sundry.  

Were it