Thursday, 21 January 2021

Farewell (we hope) to the orange one

 As we welcome a new regime across the pond many of us will be heartened by the early signs from the Whie House.

Today's images of a busy and determined Joe Biden swiftly undoing with a signature many of his predecessor's worst decisions, it is natural, though perhaps unwise to imagine that all is set to change. 

From what I have read over recent months of Biden's history there can be little doubt of his integrity, however, the opposition he will face will be formidable and it is unlikely that swords will be laid down without further bloodshed.

Trump's supporters are  not in general among the more rational of the USA's population, nor are they likely to respond to appeal to reasoned argument.

This, in addition to the terrible damage wreaked by Covid and the deeply divided opinions everywhere other than the North East means democracy is going to have a fight on its hands such as never seen before.

The rest of the world will no doubt be holding its breath as the next month or two unfolds.

Good luck Joe and may God go with you.