Sunday, 10 September 2017

Same Old Same Old

Last night I watched (along with several million others world-wide) the last night of the Proms.

Having first watched the highlights of the last day of the England/West Indies Test Match, I was in a fairly jubilant state.

Still buzzing over the England win (and in particular the splendid performance of James Anderson, I was feeling more aware than usual of my Britishness.

About 10 minutes into the familiar formula of the "Last night of the Proms", I was suddenly rather sick of the whole flag-waving, balloon throwing, self-congratulatory spectacle.

I know people love the tradition , same music, same audience participation, huge laughs at small jokes, and the chance to cheer not only the performers but themselves also, but something about the rather smug "aren't we lucky to be British" flavour, set my teeth on edge.

It is true there are many things the Brits do well, and it is right to recognise that fact, but the hugely complacent and self satisfied blanket self-approval worries me.

Any type of nationalism worries me.

It is beginning to feel that this particular annual event has little to do with music and more to  do with self aggrandisement.

Am I just seeing what is not there?  or  is  it perhaps time we laid this out-dated piece of theatre to rest?