Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Really Weird Scam

There have been so many reported scams in blogs I hesitate to add yet another, but this morning's effort was truly weird so I thought I'd better air it.

The phone rang, I picked up the receiver and there was an automated call, an American voice, female and , one I have heard before.

This time the speech went something like this: The reason for this call is that someone has taken out legal action against you, if you want to talk to your case oficer the number is...

That was when I realised what was  happening and I put the phone down.

As i said, a very weird one

My previous calls also automated and the same voice were some months ago and warned me that my internet connection was being cut in a few days' time.

Ialways ignore these calls but must admit to feeling slightly rattled by this one.

What on earth do they hope to gain?

The curious (OK nosy) side of me would quite like to know what would have happened had I been stupid enough to ring the number they gave me.

There appears to be no limit to list of tricks the wicked are happy to play on the unwary.


  1. I have similar calls Ray so I now don’t pick up the phone unless there is a proper number displayed. Even then I occasionally get caught. Listening to either a threat or a promise can be worrying...but that’s what these people rely on. How do they get our numbers?

  2. My phone doesn't display caller details and I get very few calls so always pick up, but, like you I put them down again pretty quickly if they are in any way dodgy.

  3. I had a similar one about tax. It was just after I had completed my late husband's tax return so I momentarily thought it was genuine. You would have been put through to someone who would have said the person litigating would drop their claim if you paid some money immediately- bank details supplied.

  4. Lovely! It really makes you glad your brain is still working doesn't it?
    Caught on a bad day it would be so easy to just let yourself be robbed.
    Sometimes I think we would be better off without the Internet.

  5. Sorry Sue (link between brain and fingers temporarily mislaid) I meant Telecommunications not Internet.