Monday, 23 October 2017

The Blessing/Curse of easy communication

Unbelievable though it may seem i do not own a smartphone, nor do I want one.

There are few people I need to talk to by phone and when the need arises I use my landline (about three calls a month).

All the millions of other uses offered by increasingly 'clever' gadgets hold no interest for me.

This being so I receive far more phone calls than I want, especially cold calls from suppliers of just about everything in the world for which I have no use.

Perhaps I am a dinosaur, but if I am why do I need replacement double-glazing when what I have looks good cost a lot and will not be replaced in my lifetime.

Dinosaurs do not need their front gardens replaced with block paving, nor do they need to replace their non-existent cars with newer models.

And, And, And, they/we/I do not want my loft insulation replaced because it is no longer effective.  It is. 

What is the matter with the insane world of cold-calling that they do not understand the (no, not interested) and seem unable to process the idea that any individual - let alone one as ancient as I am - could possibly have a  mind of their own.

Three times this afternoon (once since I started this post), I have received calls telling me in no uncertain terms that my roof insulation needs to be updated.

Just to set the record straight, I have Googled the number from which they phoned only to find a stream of similar complaints.

Just where will it end.

Must I really remove the Jack-plug from the wall to put and end to them?

Nearly, not quite, desperate.!


  1. Register with the telephone preference service at - it's completely free. It doesn't stop all calls but most cold calls are eliminated.

  2. I have done so (twice) and still they get through. I no longer get the accident insurance type calls but nothing seems to be able to prevent the ones I have described.
    How I react depends on how I feel on the day.