Monday, 21 May 2012

It doesn't take a lot

For once, this morning, I got to St. M's in time for the whole of morning prayer.
No 1.  a good start.

Quite a pleasant morning, enough to occupy me without overload.
No 2. a no-problems morning.

Home in good time, not long to wait for a bus.
No 3. easy journey.

When I had had lunch my singing teacher picked me up and took me off for a singing lesson.
                                                                                    Sang well for once - "He was Despised" from 
Messiah, and "Where Corals Lie" from Sea Pictures.

Both my teacher and I enjoyed the lesson thoroughly and I returned home to find that my tree peony had opened one of its three flowers fully.
After weeks of cold and wet we had some sunshine and the shrub was celebrating.

Just to round things off, I watched the final "highlights" from the test at Lords, and to my delight we beat the "Windies" with 5 wickets in hand.

I am no Pollyanna as you may have noticed, but, just now and then, accidentally, a day to be glad about sneaks in under the door.

This was one such.


  1. Oh, I don't know, Ray, that sounded quite Pollyanna-ish to me. :-) It's good sometimes to count one's blessings, as my grandmother always used to remind me.

  2. You're right of course, as ever, Perpetua, but I'm glad you didn't hear my response to Blogger's treatment of this post.
    It stole 2 of the 4 pictures of my peony, fiddled around with my lay-out and basically exposed me for all to see as the computer novice I still am.
    Well, I couldn't expect the entire day to go well, now could I?

  3. Oh how magical are ordinary moments ... if blooming peonies could even be considered such.

    I love it when I have a day when all is well with my soul. They are precious, and to be savored. I'm so glad you were able to do so with yours (even in spite of bloggers thievery :)

  4. I agree Kathy, rare they are and to be fully welcomed.

    Today we have much higher temperatures (at last), but the day was not such a good one.

    By the way, all three flowers are now open, from dinner plate to mere tea plate size.

  5. Sounds lovely. I am also glad, which is mean of me that blogger sometimes persecutes someone else besides me! I quite like Pollyanna too.

  6. Jean. How can you?
    Actually blogger doesn't so much persecute me as play nasty, spiteful little games with me, such as, sitting idly by while I write a carefully composed reply to someone, then at the crucial, press button to publish, moment doing the Indian rope trick and eating the lot.

  7. What a beautiful bloom! And plate sized? I'm envious. Thanks for posting it!

  8. You're very welcome Penny. The largest flower has now dropped. The heat today was too much for it, but before it did so I measured it. It was 10 inches in diameter.
    The other two will probably not get to that size, now that it's become so hot.