Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The "Look Away Show"

This enchanting image is not the reason I'm addicted to the BBC TV show Holby City.

Believe me, I am squeamish in the extreme, and this show has a very high "squeams" factor, but......I'm hooked.

This is not the first time I poured out my enthusiasm for this always good, often excellent drama series, and it will probably not be the last, since that is the nature of addiction.

Tonight's episode was particularly gripping with the introduction of yet another "power-mad" female consultant to stir up the hostile  reactions of the 'old guard'.

True, it had only one of my two favourite characters tonight, the gorgeous, enigmatic Henrik Hansen. (yum).
The other favourite, Freda the Transylvanian Goth with the fabulously 'fake' Russian accent, was sadly missing but heigh-ho, I can manage with just one to drool over.

I really don't care how accurate the medical jargon is since I have no aspirations to be a surgeon, but it seems pretty convincing to me.

The patients' story-lines are always interesting, sometimes funny, often poignant, occasionally challenging, much like real life after all, and if the carryings-on of the staff are somewhat exaggerated, so what?  It all makes for good TV.

It has a consistently good cast, but there is one down-side for me.  The need at certain points (in the operating theatre), to turn my head away while relying on the noise of bleeping heart monitors and tubes sucking blood out of wounds gives me a guide as to when it is 'safe' to look again.

Meanwhile the evil ice-queen Jac Naylor, or dear bumbling Elliot save - or occasionally  lose - the day.

I do go on a bit don't I?

But, oh I do hope the series runs for ever, or at least, for my lifetime.


  1. Ah good - another 'hide behind a cushion' drama. Bet you it doesn't have as high a 'squeam' factor as 'House!' I wish it would run for ever, too, but my sources tell me that the eighth series is or was the last one.

  2. It's be awhile since I dropped by, so I've hung around a bit to get caught up, Ray. I chuckled at your expression of annoyances with language gaffes, and I donned my galoshes (that's a British word, isn't it?) as I witnessed your Spring showers. I scoffed at my vacuum, too. Then I nodded approval about your dream of the long-running progam.

    Glad to know that "normal" in your world looks an awful lot like "normal" in my world.


  3. Great! Greenpatches and Sassy Granny. You don't know how reassuring it is to hear that my world is not quite as 'other planet' as I feared.
    Nice to hear from you both.

  4. i use to be a total Casualty and Holby addict too, Ray, until we started all our travelling around. Spending half the year without TV gets you so disconnected from even your most favourite series that it's hard to keep the addiction going. I can't remember when I last watched ether of them.....

  5. I've stayed away from Holby thinking it's a continuing story -- is this true or is each week an episode on its own?

    At the moment I'm catching up on BBC 4's The Bridge -- and Danish/Swedish confection of crime and mystery that I've downloaded to my computer trying to catch up -- two more episodes and I'm there!

  6. How remiss Perpetua. Actually, what I think you meant to say - kindly, of course, for fear of offending my delicate sensibilities - was that you have been too busy living life to watch it second=hand.

    1. LOL, Ray! Actually I used to watch them both without fail (even if they had to be recorded sometimes) when I was at my very busiest, but at least I could keep up with all the changes that way. Now if I tried I'd be just plain lost after a gap of weeks or months.

  7. Hi Broad. Each week is a separate story, though with most of the main characters.
    I don't know The Bridge, will have to investigate.