Saturday, 12 May 2012

Do you ever have days when......?

Disgruntled from constant soakings.  Fed up  with being wet.  Tired of looking at, listening  to rain, it was pure joy (and some disbelief) to open my eyes to brilliant sunshine this morning.

Instantly full of energy - well, in my head anyway - I leapt out of bed with a huge list of things to do in mind.

Raising the blind on the bedroom window I saw that the tops of the cars in the close were all covered in frost.  Hmm funny I thought, it must be earlier than usual if there is still frost about.

Reason suddenly dawned when I looked at the clock.  Not 6.15am, nor even 5.30am,  4.55am!  Back to bed, forget all your plans, start again in an hour or so.

Useless of course. Once awake, wide awake so read for a few minutes, good book, gripping story, glanced at clock.  6.30am.

What happens to time?  How does it do that?

The sun was still bright and the sky clear and blue so started all over again.

I had to put some washing on, had to get a bus into town to the library, so got going in good time.  Mission accomplished in record time, back home to get on with the rest of the list.

Not a hope.  Every time I started one job I was reminded of something else that needed doing, so moved to that, and by the end of the morning had about six different things started and unfinished.

I don't think I have a butterfly brain, (I could be wrong), so what is it that makes it so easy to flit from one thing to another seamlessly and achieve virtually nothing but spend a whole morning doing just that?

By late afternoon I had forced myself to complete all the unfinished tasks and decided I'd do some weeding.

"I'll just have some green tea and a sit down first", I thought.  Then looked at the TV Times while drinking said tea and found that the "Young musician of the year" semi final was on, and that was the end of that.

An hour and a half later I have abandoned all thought of weeding for today, and thoroughly enjoyed a really excellent programme.

Procrastination?  Well maybe, but I'll just play the female 'right to change her mind'card.

Besides, the weeding has been accumulating for many many months, a day or so more won't hurt.


  1. Oh yes, Ray, all the time.:-) That doesn't sounfd like procrastination to me, just an excellent use of a lovely sunny day. Some jobs done, but also time to enjoy one-off things like the Young Musician programme, which I managed to miss. Sigh...

  2. Oh good Perpetua. I'm glad you don't recognize procrastination when you see it either.
    There's always an excuse (reason) to put off something I don't want to do and replace it with something more palatable.
    "Young musician" was excellent, as was the follow up (final) tonight.