Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Household Demons

There is no logic to the way the demons who inhabit my house start new campaigns for absolutely no reason, I 
have politely requested that they leave, sworn at their malign influence, laughed at their incongruous efforts to take over my life (as if I had no say in the matter), and considered exorcism.                                                      

As must by now be apparent, they also inhabit my computer.  I tried to put their picture top left of this post but it keeps moving down and won't let me print where I want.  Perhaps it is trying to escape off the edge of the blog.

This morning, it being a very warm day I switched on the water-heating part of my gas central heating system so I could shower and get a machine-load of washing  on before leaving for St. Mary's.

My shower is graciously permitting about 1 litre of water per minute - the shower took 15 minutes!  and, not content with that, the radiators were all blazing hot.

I knew, once I'd sorted out the great 'bed' dilemma of previous blogs, there'd soon be another problem along to fill the gap.  But, but, why does it have to be water?  Just when the weather gets hot?  When my annual gas maintenance visit is overdue?

Have explained at length, very politely, even the bit where I pointed out they were a month overdue, that I do not want hot radiators when the outside temperatures are sizzling and, wonder of wonders, they are sending an engineer out tomorrow morning.

Yes I can hear the demons gibbering in the corner but I'm trying to ignore them.


  1. I think that it is because your a Christian. Blame that - it works for me!

  2. Yes, but in your case it would be true.

  3. Ray, the post-disrupting demons are very busy in Blogged at the moment, judging by all the complaints about posting photos and formatting posts that are being made in the support forums. It's not just you, promise....

  4. Oops - that should be Blogger!

  5. Thanks Perpetua. The gremlins do seem to be hyperactive at present. Selfish as it sounds, I'm glad it's not just me.

  6. hope the water demons will settle soon and leave you to live your life as you wish!

  7. But.....then I'd have nothing to complain about Theanne!