Saturday, 27 November 2010

"In the Still of the Night" Insomnia V

Very early mornings have very little to recommend them, particularly if they have not been preceded by at least the semblance of a night's sleep. They have, however, one distinct advantage, there is little likelyhood of disturbance.

Why is it that in a day or evening when there has been no time to get to the keyboard and start 'thinking' aloud, the minute you finally settle - theme in mind - the phone rings.

15 minutes later, having at last persuaded the caller "I just want to ask you a few questions, it will only take a minute or two", that you do not believe he  is doing market research, nor that he really isn't selling anything and that you are not remotely interested in anything he might have to say, when you finally sit at the desk again, every thought has departed at the speed of light and you no longer wish to communicate with anyone (ever again)!

Which begs the question, did you have anything worth saying to say in the first place?

In theory then, the wee small hours should provide the best ever opportunity for you to give birth to your magnum opus, or in my case, magnum 'opeless'.

Just ventured a peep out of the window to see what manner of day I'll have to step out into in about five hours.  "What a mistake to make"!  Everything in sight is covered in thick hard white frost and it's still only November.

I've always maintained that humans are not quite as evolved or else created with serious design faults and unfit for purpose, as we would like to think we are.  If we could hibernate from say, November to April just think what a lovely lot we'd be.  Rested, relaxed, ready to enjoy everything which came our way, eager to meet others after our long respite altogether a better species.

There is for me at least, one serious problem with this theory.  How do I get to sleep in the first place?

Answers on a prescription form please!


  1. Having been a Mother to 6 children,waking in the night to utter peace and quiet is bliss. I listen to interesting things on the World Service or chill out to Classic FM. I invested in a radio that turns itself off so that I can relax and doze while beautiful music wafts over me.
    If I stay awake too long I cat nap during the day.
    Never worry about not sleeping at night ,our bodies tell us when to sleep,I learnt that from years of night duty.

  2. I don't worry about not sleeping at night, only about sleeping neither day nor night.
    My never too active brain goes into meltdown the minute it is faced with serious thinking and the bags under my eyes are becoming sacks!
    Other than that, insomnia does have some advantages, such as phone-free blog time.
    Six children!! Wow, I salute you.