Saturday, 13 November 2010

"Written on the Wind"

A week when frost and rain have alternated daily the only constant has been a gale-force wind.  This irritant reminded me of just how much a force we can neither see, smell nor touch can influence our lives.  As with other great forces; Christianity, love, hate jealousy etc., while invisible in themselves they are only too visible in their effects.

Looking at a very new baby, how often have you heard, "Oh look, he's smiling" "No it's just wind"
"Can't eat that, it gives me wind!"

Leaves swirling in an Autumn gale like a russet dervish.

Wind singing in the trees or more devastatingly, mowing them down with effortless ease.

Wind in a conche shell sounding like the trumpets of doom

Wind sending skittish cats chasing their tails in lunatic circles.

Artfully removing roof-tiles from strategic places so that just the right amount of rain will drip through.

Stretching the fluffy white clouds into long thin strips against a dark blue background, and changeing the faces in the passing clouds from skeletal hollow-eyed horrors into beatific bearded old men.

Drying billowing lines of washing far too quickly, for the ironer to keep up. and tearing cherished balloons from the star-fish fingers of wailing infants.

Drying the ripened corn ready for the farmers' next move.

Providing just the right thermals for birds, paragliders, hot-air balloonists and other airborne creatures to sustain their flights.

All these, and a million other "gifts" provided by an intangible invisible force reinforces belief in the Supreme Creator.

One last thought.  Where does the wind go on a still day?

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