Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Great Chain-saw Massacre Continues

Disturbed by a tremendous racket quite early this morning, I decided the 'bin men' must have been unable to sleep for once (they usually turn up about 1.00 pm) and thought no more about it.

Busy with bed-changeing, washing, all the usual mind-numbingly boring chores of a day at home, I paid no attention to the constant roar from outside.  Until stepping outside to fill up the bird feeders I was dazzled by the amount of extra day-light and realized that yet another tree had been murdered by Heaven knows whom and my previously well sheltered garden is now minus yet another of its protectors.  This time the tree was a very tall eucalyptus which lived in the corner nearest my house.

Never my favourite tree - constantly shedding tons of strap-like leaves which were useless as compost - it was also perilously close to the corner of my sitting-room and I had often wondered just how big a root-run it might have.  Nevertheless, it was quite gracefull, and had the merit of providing a screen from my neighbour's windows.

Now I have the undeniable benefit of much more light, together with the rather less welcome, too close view of the houses at the back which were previously invisible.

The problem now is what to plant (find space for) in my garden to replace the screen while not obscuring the light, all the time nervously keeping an eye on my changeing sky-line to see where the axe will fall next.

One thing no-one has even considered for a second is the dismay and consternation caused to the bird population.  My friendly morning robin has failed to show so far today and I fear there will be other abscences soon. 

If I have to live in a tree-less world I think I'll emigrate.  A rain forest might be good!

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