Saturday, 20 November 2010

To Be or Not To Be

Recently, two people whose blogs I read regularly have written one on abortion, the other on the subject of child neglect/cruelty.  In my opinion these two subjects are quite closely related.

In a world where extreme cruelty to tiny helpless children is fast becoming endemic one has to ask the question why?

Sometimes the parent(s) is completely unable unprepared or unfit to raise a child (often because of drug or other addiction or mental incapacity).  Occasionally because he/she is still a child himself, but also sometimes because economic and home circumstances are totally insufficient to support even the parent(s) never mind an unplanned for and unwanted infant.

How much better therefor in my view that the pregnancy be aborted before the welfare and safety of the child is jeopardised and the prospective parent criminalised. 

Just as, in my opinion, no-one who does not really love or want an animal as a pet, should be allowed to have one, so, a million times more so, no-one should ever give birth to an unwanted child.

I have no intention of pointing the "moral" finger at any one particular group whether Pro-lifers, religious fanatics or welfare organisations, this is an issue which could potentially affect anyone and the terrible suffering and horrendous consequences of ignoring it are being daily brought to our attention in TV and newspaper reports from our law-courts.

Time to make a change in some of our thinking, or am I flogging a dead horse?

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  1. Further to the above (an afterthought). In a world of rapidly dwindling natural resources, where whole nations are suffering lack of health-care, food, housing etc.,is there not a great need for limiting the number of defenceless children born to already desperate parents?
    Please do not read this as in any way a plea for abortion on demand, but simply a further reason not an excuse, for frantic parents to neglect or ill-treat their progeny.