Sunday, 22 December 2013

Well it amused me

I hope I have discovered how to do this - click to watch/listen.

My step-grandson showed me how briefly last week, and it is just possible I may have it right.

Well. here goes nothing.  Enjoy!


  1. Erm. There's a large empty it my computer or yours?

  2. You're asking me????
    Don't know Jean, it is on my computer and I have played it a couple of times.
    It is utube Cats acting like humans compilation.

  3. It's working for me, Ray, so it may be that Jean is viewing on an iPad, which doesn't always pick up YouTube videos properly. Well done on learning a new aspect of blogging. there'll be no holding you. :-)

    Warmest Christmas wishes from a bright and windy Yorkshire.

  4. So glad to know I haven't made another bloomer.
    I particularly liked the cat shaking hands.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and let's hope windy is as bad as it gets.