Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 - A year when no blog post will carry a picture which relates to it in any way.

Strange sort of title isn't it?

Well no matter what this next year brings, I will continue to post on matters of major importance, minor importance and absolutely no importance at all.

And, I shall endeavour to see to it that no picture relates to the text.

Furthermore, as you may have already noticed, I shall try to ignore all the basic rules of good grammatical writing.

For me, this will come as a welcome relief because it will mean that I need take no care over choosing the right word, phrase or even sentence.

I will try to write only what strikes me as of interest, not necessarily what I think will be of interest to others.

In this way, I can enjoy a sort of anarchy while still getting my 'message' out there.

Does this sound selfish?  Well, it is.

Does this sound as though I have finally 'lost it'?  Well it could be argued that I never had it in the first place.

Does it sound as if I have been drinking.  Well, it does, but I haven't.

No I know it isn't April the 1st in an hour or so, it is merely the beginning of yet another January.

The bomb-like bangs and crashes of the (several) hours of fireworks out in the local area are driving me mad, so this is a sort of escape from the bombardment.

On a serious level, I hope and pray all of us, you and I will have a much better 2014 than we did 2013, and that a healthy happy new year will be ours (yours and mine)

Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year to you too, Ray, and here's to the anarchic, rebellious blogging which will make life interesting in 2014. :-) I'm amazed to hear you're being bothered by fireworks. I'd have thought it was raining too hard for any to explode or anyone to watch them.

  2. Nothing seems to stop the fireworks in this neck of the woods perpetua.
    The determination to see and hear as much money as possible go up in smoke seems to be a local obsession. Doesn't seems to matter if no-one sees them.
    Guess it takes all sorts.
    Pity though!

  3. A little late, but Happy New Year Ray ! x

  4. Never too late for good wishes, thanks and the same to you.X