Saturday, 7 December 2013

Up close and personal.

Why is there a vertical meerkat on my blog?  No idea really, he is one of the few images from my 'collection' which blogger will allow me to access.

I know it would help if I had even half a clue how the retrieval system works, but I don't , hence the meerkat.

Peering out of the window to allow some cool/cold air to ease my itching face I spotted a massive bird outlined against the winter sky on a tree about 100 yards away.

As I tried to photograph him (too far away, camera not good enough) I realised it was a red kite.  Have never seen one roosting before.

He spotted me and with a huge swoop headed this way.

I hastily ducked my head back inside and shut the window - he is big!

He flew over the rooftop and away and briefly blacked out the sky in the immediate vicinity.

Have never seen one so close before and really had no idea just how massive a wing-span they have.

Perhaps he has never seen anyone with eczema before and wanted a closer look.

There are fewer birds than usual in my tiny grotty (fermented bird-seed don't ask), garden so apart from the odd pied wagtail, reed-bunting and the usual suspects, rare creatures tend to get my attention.

The sun is shining.  It is mild and not a bit like December so the normal customers for my largesse are few and far between and I really should be outside cleaning up the mess, but, as usual am doing everything I can think of to avoid work.

The usual extra vocal work for all the additional church services is taking its toll and leisure time is becoming scarce so any excuse.....

Yes I do know fermented bird seed is poisonous to most small birds so I will go out now and clean up, honestly, any minute.


  1. Sorry to hear you're having problems loading images again, Ray. What a nusiance for you. Also sorry to hear that the eczema is bothering you still. I'd hoped it was getting much better by now.

    We have lots of red kites here in Mid-Wales, as it's one of the areas where they were fed for years in order to support their reintroduction. Now they've spread very widely, but I've still never seen one anywhere near as close-up as you describe. Lucky you.

  2. Basically Perpetua I have no real idea what I'm doing, I simply blunder through and occasionally get it right. Since David Cloake departed I have had no help so every time something changes I do the 'trial and error' thing until it either works or it defeats me.
    The eczema is an absolute pest, it seems to be easing for a day or so and then comes right back again. Just patience needed, it will go eventually I assume.
    We have a lot of red kites here too, but this close while amazing, was also rather alarming.

    1. I too am hopeless on the image front but I find it much easier using "blogsy". They will find pics for you if you type in the search box....
      The red kite sounds wonderful!

    2. I don't really want to add another retrieval system to my half-learnt one if I can manage to persuade it to give me access.
      One at a time is about as much as I can cope with, without intensive tuition, and there is no hope of that Jean.
      So I'll continue my ongoing battle with current 'pictures' and 'images' selections and just keep banging my head against a brick wall until either it or I give way.
      The red kite was wonderful, but a tad intimidating.

  3. A Red Kite! Wow! Can't say more.

  4. While at Cuddesdon we were in a 4th floor flat and saw the red kite flying past at eye level frequently- they were magnificent but I wouldn't have wanted to get too close :)

    1. Exactly, jante. They are quite awe-inspiring but their size and huge hooked beaks are a bit daunting.