Saturday, 14 December 2013

Viewing the inside of my eyelids

Once more riding the insomniacs' train, and as ever, looking more inward than out, I thought I'd share my witless wanderings with you.

You'll often have heard the expression "too tired to sleep".  Sounds like rubbish doesn't it?, but, there comes a time when weary from a busy day or evening when it makes sense to go to bed if only to recharge the batteries.

You read for a while, even an hour or so if it's a good book. (Mine isn't).

Then you settle, light off, to sleep.

What  is that blasted tune running round on a loop in your head.?
It was something from the huge list of Christmas music the choir was working through this evening.  Knowing only the alto part doesn't help.

Why is the room so light, get out and look out of the window.  Oh, a full (or nearly full) moon.  Something scuttling along in the kerb over the road.  Just a cat chasing a leaf.

What is that noise?  Sounds like a traction engine, just some sort of drive wheel working the mechanism of the sewage works.  Don't think too much about it.

Plaster my itching face with a shedload of Oilatum, thick and gooey yuk!

Shall I make some tea?   No.  If I do I'll be hopping in and out of bed all night to the loo.  Why does that matter if I'm not in bed, not sleepy?   Well I might be in a few minutes/

If there is anything prettier than red swollen, thick-skinned eye-lids it's red swollen thick-skinned eye-lids with large black bags under them.  It's a good job I no longer care how awful I look, only how awful I feel.

This eczema is never going to get better, I feel it in my bones.  Well I would if they were not so well padded.

What I really love is when a complete stranger, a cashier in a supermarket for instance, says "What have you done to your face"?

"Boiled it in caustic soda" I want to reply, but "it's just eczema" I say.

JUST eczema!!!!

Sorry, time to end this before it becomes a rant.

Bon soir.  More anon.


  1. I hope you got some sleep eventually. I've posted this before but gremlins have eaten it!

  2. Had a couple of hours thanks Jean. Better than none.
    Have just done a huge shop and will now clean the house.
    What fun I do have.
    Tomorrow is usual 10am Eucharist and Nine lessons and carols in the evening, with a rehearsal from 4.30 to 6.oopm.
    Prayers for you both ongoing, some just in my head and some in church.

  3. So sorry the eczema has flared up again, Rayi really thought it was improving. I'm lucky not to suffer very often from insomnia, but often enough to know just how miserable it can be. Hoping and praying things improve for you.

  4. Thanks Perpetua. The insomnia comes and goes but sadly, this time anyway, the eczema refuses to go. Still hoping!