Monday, 16 December 2013

Peter O'Toole

A hasty but heartfelt tribute to the late, great Peter O'Toole.  He was the hero of all my teen-dreams,

His performance in Becket being in my opinion his greatest, his was a dazzling and many angled career, always dogged by (mainly true) stories of his over-the-top off-screen behaviour.

He had a somewhat savage wit, sparkling intellect and a flamboyant turn of phrase.

Anyone who has never seen his performance in The Lion in Winter should grab any chance to do so, and even some of his minor parts were characterised by extraordinary portrayals, for instance his Captain Cat in the filmed version of Under Milk Wood.

Added to all that was his physical beauty, lean and long and blue-eyed, the perfect matinee idol;.

Rest in peace Peter.


  1. Not to mention his wonderful role as the batty pig obsessed Lord Emsworth theoretical master of Blandings.Have a good Christmas with love from your similarly sleep deprived sibling.RX

  2. Oh yes baby bro., and half a million other batty roles. He really could be anything he wanted couldn't he.
    You too have a Christmas full of good things. (including, one hopes some sleep).

  3. Wonderful actor and oh, those blue eyes. His and Paul Newman's transfixed me every time.

  4. I do so agree Perpetua, but am not forgetting Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth.
    There is something about those fabulous crystalline blue eyes which stay in your head after the rest of the face has gone.
    Ally that with first rate acting and you have the stuff of dreams. (well, my dreams anyway).