Friday, 20 April 2012

Spring is sprung

Woke this morning to loud birdsong, beautiful sunshine, and a totally false sense of security about our dearly beloved British weather.

True, for once, the sun lasted about three hours before strong winds blew up and black clouds scurried in .

Oh well, I thought, not too bad it is April after all.

Twenty minutes ago there was a huge flash of lightning, followed by a massive hail-storm, then in the time it took me to run for my camera, it had turned to torrential rain.

The photograph, meant to show the heaps of hail stones, instead shows a small river running down the road at the front of the house.

Oddly, it is warm.and at present the sun is shining again.

No wonder the Brits are stoics when it comes to weather.  The only thing we haven't had today is snow.  But the day is only half over.


  1. Warm Spring rain -- just what you need for a time. But it sounds as though the weather just can't make up its mind -- yet again! The weather State-side is perfectly wonderful, but there is drought here, too. I get back to the UK May 3rd -- who knows what will be what by then! :-)

  2. Hi Broad. Don';t be in too great a hurry to get back - no I don't mean it like that.
    We have had rain all week and are rapidly turning from drought to flood.
    Some people (whoever it is who sends us our weather) just have no sense of proportion.
    Enjoy your US sunshine while you can.

  3. So that's where our Scottish weather has gone, Ray! We've had snow, hail, rain and even a bit of sun in the past week, but not yet as much rain as you've had. Hope it settles down soon.

  4. Apparently Perpetua there is no foreseeable end to this little lot.
    At least some of the rain will be helping to ease the drought in the South, even if it drowns a few of us.
    Not a lover of rain ever, and even less of actually 'getting wet', still I do recognise reluctantly that it has its uses.

  5. What an exciting life you lead, Ray! :-) Seriously, I hope the weather evens out for you soon. We really need some rain here (for the first time since I've been here), but it keeps raining around us and not here. I wouldn't even mind a hard rain to wash off the cars and all, which are covered with pollen, but of course at night while I'm sleeping! I'm not a fan of getting wet, either, even though I own several raincoats. Meanwhile, get that garden soil softened up so you can get out there and work!

  6. Hmmm! Another reason to hate rain.

    If the soil gets wet enough I'll have no excuse.

    Like you penny, I think it should rain at night. Kindly use your influence will you?

  7. would it be tactless of me to say, "variety is the spice of life"?! I've never lived anywhere in the USA (except the Norfolk Virginia area) where I haven't had to pray for rain (and that was iffy, because in some instances praying for rain was really praying for a hurricane).

    fortunately we had 3 days of nice rain here in south central Florida...I haven't had to water my patio plants and that's always a help!

  8. Theanne. Feel free to be as tactless as you wish, after all that's partly what blogging is about isn't it?
    Seriously. I know you're right really, it's just that after a long dry spell here, our weather provider tends to go into reverse.
    We've now had ten days of torrential showers, some hail, a lot of strong cold winds and just a very little sunshine, and it looks like more to come.
    I'm sure, tucked away in some corner of my resentful soul there is a small grain of gratitude for the rain.
    It just isn't very prominent.