Sunday, 1 April 2012

Three (hundred) Cheers!!

Wonder of wonders, the dreaded blogger Bermuda Triangle has regurgitated my dashboard.

The new system appears to be, for anyone who hasn't already sorted it, to press "new post" and at the end of the line where your current post is listed click on the little orange label with a picture of (who knows what on it.  It appears to be a pencil or a pen-nib).  With a bit of luck, and a favouring wind, this will produce your dashboard.

If this one doesn't work, I have no further suggestions.

A million thanks to the wonderful Kathy at "Perpetua", for her kindness and patience with me and her stirling efforts to 'sort' me.

If I knew how, I would post a huge grin.

Had a wonderful Palm Sunday service this morning,  Paid the excellent decorator who has given me a new bedroom, and am enjoying the tranquillity of a clean house.

The sun is shining despite the earlier frost, and all's right with the (well, my) world.

Happy Palm Sunday.


  1. Ray, I'm so glad things seem to be working for you now. It sounds like you've got the Blogger 'new look' in the New Post function, but as long as you can work with it, that's all that matters. We'll all be using the new look dashboard by the end of this month anyway.

    As it happens I've never actually used the New Post link at the top of my blog, which is why I was finding it so difficult to visualise what was happening for you. I always go to New Post via the dashboard.

  2. To be honest I really can't be sure that what I used for this post is the ultimate new look, but since it appears pretty similar to what went before I live in hope.
    Doubtless I shall be taught the error of my ways in a week or so, but until then I shall happily continue to blog.
    Once again, thankyou for the way you leapt in to help.

  3. I guess I must have been propelled straight into the 'new look,' as I only joined blogger just over a month ago. So far I'm keeping up with it all, but know what you mean about the 'Bermuda Triangle;' Ray, I live in dread of the new Facebook 'timeline,' finally catching up with me...!

  4. Hi Greenpatches, welcome to the mad world of blog. I don't do Facebook or Twitter or anything else much, but my blog is very important to me as therapy, so anything that threatens it is a massive worry.
    Let's hope "they" will leave us all in peace for a while.