Thursday, 12 April 2012


Had just put my Ipad down in disgust at its unwillingness to punctuate, headed for kitchen for third (but who's counting?) cup of coffee and saw that as well as the rain running down the kitchen window, there was also a large, very large, deposit from some low-flying ostrich daubed down said window.
Deep joy.  My cup runneth over.


  1. It all happens at once, doesn't it, Ray? :-)

  2. You'll get control of your iPad soon Ray. Not sure about the ostrich though

  3. I'd love to think you were right Jean, but, I ha'ma'doots.

    There is no-one now to help with learning the IPad so, trial and error, and error, and more error seems likely.
    As to the ostrich, I think it may have been a heron.

    Yes really. There is one who is spending a lot of time on local rooftops. (poor photo on next blog).