Thursday, 12 April 2012

warning. this is a rant

my much esteemed friend Jean of Tregear Vean, has posted on the subject of cold calling. this is a subject dear to my heart. Or not, depending on how you look at it. like Jean, nothing is guaranteed to raise my hackles whatever they are, than the thick skinned determination of some robber baron to fleece me of my hard earned can. jean asks does anyone ever respond to cold calling. I most certainly do, big time. if anyone wants to hear a stream of the rudest words in the Uk vocabulary, just ring me during the evening preferably when I,m watching Emmerdale, and try to sell me something I don,t want, have never asked for, and would not buy from a cold caller under torture. has anyone ever heard of reverse psychology? I have written many times on the subject of charities, and, again like Jean, give quite a high percentage of my income on a regular basis. I do not respond well to duress. sorry about the poor layout and lack of punctuation. this was posted on my IPad and it doesn't,t appear to have a full keyboard. or, itn could be me.


  1. Poor Ray. We've opted out of cold calls using various telephone preference options. I'll get DH to give me the details and I'll email you.

    The iPad is wonderful in many ways, but I found typing on one not easy, especially when it came to correcting mistakes. OK for quick comments, but I'm not sure I would want to make posts from one.

  2. Believe it or not Perpetua, my number is ex-directory and I have filled in numerous forms to try to stop cold callers to no effect whatever. If you have another option to suggest I'd be very glad of it.

    The only reason i used the Ipad was that it was downstairs and I'd just got in and didn't want to go upstairs till I'd had a coffee (or three).

    The slow fiddly typing would drive me mad if I had no lap top, but luckily I have.

    The Ipad keyboard is very weird, half the punctuation symbols are missing and capital letters are quite hard to type with limited finger muscle strength.
    Still. Gift horses etc...