Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Learning (late in life) to fight back

No this is not another tedious post about birds, it's a tedious post about something else.

I have just opened today's post which included the annual renewal details of my house buildings and contents insurances.

They are both with the same company but are separate contracts.

Even a year ago, I'd have run an uncomprehending eye over them groaned at the huge increase of one and the slightly less huge increase of the other.

This year for some reason, I have found my feet and am beginning to flex the toes.

Where previously I'd have filed them and written the projected increase in my monthly accounts file and wished with all my heart that I still had John quietly getting on with all the financial paperwork, today I looked, thought, compared, and rang the number of the complaints dept.

Having told my story to three sets of people, and also added that I was going to cancel the contents policy, since I have never, and hope never to claim on it, I was quickly offered a sizeable reduction,  When I still hesitated I was passed to yet another bod who promptly offered a further reduction, reducing the new payment to a mere £2.00 per month more than last year.

Hardly able to restrain my sense of triumph, I quickly added that I was thinking of doing the same with the building policy.  "Oh I can look at that for you now," I was told, and five minutes later, the proposed £6.00 increase per month had become £3,50.

I took the  name  and details of the chap I was talking to, asked for confirmation in writing, thanked him and hung up.              And......cheered.

I know it's not nice to crow, but Caw!


  1. Well done, Ray, but really you shouldn't have had to do that. I hate the way companies make these big increases then reduce them if we complain. If they can make a profit at the new figures, why be so greedy? Grrr!

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  3. Good for you! You are flexing those toes!

  4. Perpetua you are so right. Greed is life-blood to finance companies, banks etc. Just for once it was nice to feel I had some say in just how much they were going to 'rook' me. (pun intended).

  5. Hello Steve. Thanks for the invitation, will think about it.

  6. Hi Penny, yes a nice feeling. It makes a change to grasp the reins instead of the instruction manual.

  7. Well done, Ray. Enjoy your sense of satisfaction, you deserve it:)

  8. Thanks Sue. Not sure that's true, but thanks anyway.

  9. Changing the subject, Ray, Bishop Alan posted this lovely photo of the Altar of Repose at St Mary's. I think this is your church, no?


  10. Yes Penny, he is indeed our Bishop and St. Mary's our church.
    I can't pick up the photo sadly, but if he took it tonight it will indeed be a lovely one.
    Have just returned from the wonderful service there.
    Bishop Alan was the celebrant. Aren't we lucky?

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  12. My husband goes through this with insurance companies every year. It's almost like a ritual.

  13. I don't doubt it for one minute Broad. It's just for me, having the sheer temerity to question 'their' right to impose their 'hiked-up' annual increase is something totally new.
    Both the fact that John handled all (and I do mean all) our paper-work, and the fact that I am probably the world's least assertive person, made this a significant first.