Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Oh to be in England, now that April's there

The above are a selection of the more 'atmospheric' views from my upstairs windows during the past few weeks.  Most have been used in previous posts, but this collection gives a reasonably balanced view of this Spring's offerings.

We have seen full moon through storm clouds as in picture no 1,  storm clouds gathering in 'day;light' in picture no 2, and a false impression of what a lovely sunny day we have just had in picture 3.

I know I may seem obsessed with clouds and weather, (I am, but there are worse obsessions), and it is I know, a very British thing to bang on endlessly about our contrary climate but we are entitled.

Today, after a 24 hour fast and imbibing of vile concoctions with even more vile results (too much information) I had to travel to our local hospital for a CT scan.  It was bucketing down so I took a taxi.
Traffic everywhere blocked solid.  Luckily I had called the taxi really early and got there just in time for my appointment.

Unpleasant procedure duly over I headed for the caffeteria and had a coffee with milk and sugar and a muffin.  (not my food or drink of choice but necessary as the batteries were in need of re-charging) and rang for a taxi to take me home.  Clever girl I thought, to remember to ring before sitting down for coffee.

"About 10 to 15 minutes", they said.  

Frozen to the marrow and very damp despite hooded mac, nearly thirty minutes later he turned up.  "Sorry" he said "it's solid traffic in  all directions, it's the weather"!


  1. My favourite taxi company has somehow worked out how to give your cell phone a 'ring' as it approaches its destination to pick you up. At least all the clouds England gets make for great pictures!

  2. Yes thanks Broad, nearly makes up for what goes with the cloud.

  3. If this goes on, you'll need an ark, not a taxi, Ray. Smashing photos and I hope the scan results are all good.

  4. Thanks on both scores Perpetua. My view of the sky is restricted by the fact that the windows are double-glazed and only open a little way. No room to really line up a shot.
    Just hope the same doesn't apply to the scan!

  5. happy your hospital procedure is over...perhaps the weather, the traffic and the trip to and from negated some of the miserableness of the occasion?!!!

  6. Thanks Theanne. I'm glad it's over and don't feel worried about the outcome (just as well since the wait will be long) so the weather now just has to settle down too.

  7. Ah, the British weather! There are indeed worse obsessions. Hope you are OK re hospital procedures and all that?

  8. I hope so too Sue - time will tell. Thanks for the good wishes.
    One day, when I'm feeling really brave, I'll write a bit about obsession.