Monday, 6 December 2010

Man's Innate Goodness ? ? ?

If' as we are taught to believe, we are created in God's image why are we not perfect?  For just how much of the mess many (most) of us make of at least parts of our lives, are we to blame?
Why are we not invariably able to select the true path and why are we not unfailingly good, kind, considerate and helpfull to others.
Why does so much that is bad flourish and pure evil sometimes go apparently unpunished?
Don't say we have free will.  There is often no such option available.
If all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  Why is even the most determined opposition to enforced evil so often crushed under the weight of wickedness.
Of course even the worst of men usually have some saving grace.  Mussolini loved cats!  It's entirely possible that Pol Pot loved his mother!  Adolf Hitler loved Eva Braun!  No, that really doesn't work does it?

If we are created in God's image we must have at least as much capacity for good as for bad, so why is it so hard for most of us to see our own actions as they are and mend our ways accordingly?

There are, it's true. those who deliberately live their lives like unopened packages, but this is not a good life surely, it is rather, a waste of life.

Others relish and revel in every opportunity offered, usually choosing to manifest their enjoyment in odd ways

None of the choices come with lables (a la Alice in Wonderland), eat me, avoid me, choose this or that way and you will get your reward in this life - and possibly the next!

This is not intended to provoke any particular response, merely a jotting down of random thoughts on a theme which often occupies my rag-bag mind.  A sort of musing on some of the times when I have taken a wrong turning.  Given a sharp or unfriendly response when a pleasanter one would have been quite easy. Done things of which I have been deeply ashamed.  How nice it would be to be able to wake one morning and find that a sort of  'Ebenezer Scrooge' type of personality change had happened overnight.

I won't hold my breath!


  1. I'm just grateful that God consistently forgives me. And knowing that He made me as I am - warts and all, helps me to go some of the way towards forgiving myself.

  2. I am trying to believe that is so, but can't help feeling some things are easier to forgive than others