Thursday, 16 December 2010

Technophobe or Technoprat?

Have I mentioned that I don't "do" technical?  Strange I felt sure I had.

This morning I had a power cut.  Well, I thought it was a power cut, and waited for some 'good fairy' in the land of 'power' to put it right.

When nothing had happened after about half an hour I rang a neighbour who is home from work with flu, only to discover that her power was OK and that one of the people further up the close had a garage light on (she could see it from her window as she lives opposite, therefore I couldn't....oh never mind)

Since she has a brain which works she suggested I ring the emergency number of my supplier.  Why such an unlikely solution had not occurred to me, I...yes I do know.

Five minutes later, having been talked through the process of checks - trip switches and the like - I simply  turned every switch off, then back on and voila - light, warmth and sanity were restored.

There is no way of knowing what had caused the system to trip but at least there is now another notch on my learning belt.  How I've managed to get through a fair amount of life knowing so very little about so many things is a complete mystery to me.

Is it just a woman thing, or am I alone in the universe?

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  1. From the totally underwhelming response to this post, i assume I now have the answer to my last question. Is anybody there?????