Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Midnight Musings

Sitting once more at 3.00 am (when all good folk should be abed) wondering why, flu-ridden, sweating, pale-faced and bleary eyed (not a pretty sight), why oh why does the siren-call of the computer lure me
as no other tempter, human or inanimate can do?

Lacking even the germ (pun intended) of a theme for this blog, yet still with shaky hands drawn to the keys
I have no choice but to succumb.

Reflecting on my friends' children all tweeting, texting and keyboard bashing apparently from birth, I feel
like the dinosaur - incompetent, hesitant, nervous, that I am.  A willing enthusiastic dinosaur but still a
total novice.

My rather more competent youngest brother keeps advising me to experiment, Google this or that, press
keys, see what happens, but I am in mortal fear of losing the small amount of control I have acquired and
never being able to retrieve my golden prose as it disappears into the ether.

How much of that is conceit and how much sheer cowardice I don't know and am unwilling to discover.

Can't help wondering if future generations will be born with extra fingers as we, and technology evolve.
Perhaps speech will disappear altogether and frantically flying fingers be the only means of communication.

Just paused for my usual early morning look out of the window,  Wish I hadn't,  Yet more snow seems to
have fallen.  No chance for what is already there to vanish before the next lot lands.  Oh the joys of a British Winter!

Haven't left the house since last Saturday - Wednesday now - flu and weather, what a wonderful combination.  At least it puts me in my place, did I really think all the choir-practice, Christmas-lunch
meetings, other plans were going to be allowed to happen.  The best laid plans of mice and men........

Heaven only knows what kind of Christmas this will be if the freeze continues.  I have been around long
enough to have seen it all before but that doesn't make me any more prepared than the next helpless
hapless human.

Time to replace my sweat-soaked nightie with yet another clean dry one, hardly worth bothering as that
one will be just as bad in an hour.  Too much information?  Sorry my wits are wandering.  More anon!


  1. A Googled comment (sweat smell of success, pun also intended. To replace speech with electronic communication?. We've been doing since time began.All brain activity is electronic impulse, if we could read direct no language or translation would be needed(shame). The nuancing would be remorseless and embarrasing until generations stripped us of our subtlety. Thank your god that speech and the written word electronic or not will maintain our fragile humanity. Love and all good wishes.RX

  2. I'm so glad we are not able to read minds, well I can't anyway, not sure about you.
    Do so agree about the fragility of humanity (mine in particular, at present)
    Many thanks for your electronic visitation.x

  3. So sorry to hear about the flu. I'm all for technology, though just this Christmas watching my adult sons manipulate wires, cables and contraptions of various types I wondered if I was losing it........ The internet and online world is very important to me. Due to health problems I can't do as much as I would like, but making connections online is very rewarding. BTW I've read your blog from the start and enjoy the way you so honestly share your inner world. Any chance of some photos one day soon - or are you too shy? Every Blessing

  4. I'm delighted you enjoy my blog and as for its honesty I see it almost as a diary or a way of thinking through problems ideas, half-formed musings and have no hang-ups about sharing them with anyone who is interested. Obviously I exercise some discretion about what actually gets into print. The reason there are no photos is two-fold. Firstly I do not have a great opinion of my own appearance and loath being photographed and secondly I'm too much of a twit to know how to add them to my blog.