Sunday, 19 December 2010

Heads - We Lose, Tails - The Weather Wins

Today I should have been at St M's twice.  First for the sung Eucharist this morning and this evening for the Nine Lessons and Carols service.  Sadly, despite every effort and much rehearsal, the weather won!

Yesterday's blog saw me just about making it to the church and back, before the really heavy white stuff descended.  Overnight set the snowfall into a giant frozen blancmange, quite impossible to manoeuvre round.

Having heard from my usual 'lift' that there was no possibility of getting the car out I then rang two taxi firms and got no reply from either number.  Rang our Musical Director and discovered that the evening concert was to be cancelled and told not to worry, "no-one would expect me to try to get there for the morning service".

As I put down the phone there was a loud click and all the electricity went off.  It was still quite early so I rang the only near neighbour who was likely to be up and got no reply.

As the house was already beginning to cool down I layered myself in woollies, leggings and wellies and went out to fill up the bird feeders.  A couple of unusually large (puffed up against  the cold) sparrows eyed me warily but didn't fly away.

I then went to the back garden feeders, the snow over the tops of my wellies, and treated the feeders there to a refill.  This time it was a (usually very nervous) reed-bunting which hopped off a little way until I had finished then returned to have 'first dibs' at the seed feeder.

Tried clearing some of the snow to make a clear pathway to the shed but defeated by the sheer volume of snow gave up and went back inside to thaw.  Good, I thought, I'll have a hot drink.  Idiot, no electricity!
OK house still nice and warm, can't vacuum (hooray), I know, I'll go and read my favourite blogs.


Luckily the power cut lasted only about an hour and a half so normal service was resumed quite quickly.

Makes you think though doesn't it, just how much we rely on having power on tap?  There's a lesson there somewhere.

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