Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Stay in or Leave?

Despite the fact that I know how I am going to vote I am still, against all my basic instincts, listening to arguments on both sides.

Somewhere hidden deep inside of my mind is a glimmer of hope that I may even now hear something which will convince me, one way or the other.

Given the calibre of the argument so far that is a vain hope.

Among the lies, half-truths, wild flights of fancy and scare mongering there is occasionally a grain of half visible truth.

There are real concerns as well as blind prejudices, crude racialism, fear-driven attacks, so far only verbal, but the heat is growing.

I do not own a crystal ball, have no secret information which is unavailable to the rest of the country, and have never claimed to be any kind of expert on political problems, but...............

There is just one thing which convinces me that staying in Europe makes better sense than leaving and that is the calibre of people who are espousing the 'leave' campaign.

If nothing else could make my mind up once and for all it is seeing  'Barmy Boris' and 'Foolish Farage' leading the opposition.


  1. i agree that this is a very difficult time, and like you, I am going to vote for Remain. I can see no other way for security and peace for the next generations. Let's hope the worst shouters lose their voices. Blessings from Dalamory

    1. "United we stand" etc.
      Let's hope sense will prevail. Blessings to you also.

  2. Dear Ray!
    I have been following this election and the one in USA with a touch of concern. Tearing apart always seems like a bad idea, bringing together was, as I have understood it, a neccesity for peace and understanding, like you say Freda.
    I'm afraid some of us occasionally regard the british understanding of a European Union as something to be handled with only in crisis. If there is no crisis to deal with, the british people can manage quite well on their own, thank you very much! There you see, Prejudice from us to you.
    I would feel quite ambivalent, but there must be space enough within the EU to stay british but act european. We need eachother, we need open borders and cooperation. We need mercy and wisdom when taking serious decisions together. Just like in a family you just have to put up with the bad parts because the good parts, like peace and safety, are greater in numbers. But I know nothing of how England is run, I should be silent!! But I do love Britain, so please hang on!
    I find it increasingly difficult to vote in Sweden, and you put it so very accurate Ray, this tangle of half-lies and half-truths and halfwitted solutions keep confusing me. I wish you all the best and the most wise outcome of that election. Blessings from Sweden!

    1. Thanks Fairtrader, I think!
      At this stage all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and remember to vote.

  3. Having just blogged on the same subject I see we are once again of a mind Ray... Well said!

  4. Well I suppose if all this hot air changes no minds it will at least allow a glimpse of the 'real' intentions behind all the hype.
    So many politicians are displaying their 'true' colours even if unintentionally, it should at least show us what not to do.