Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Nocturnal Wittering

Where does sleep go when you need it?

Why, after a more than averagely tiring day is it impossible to rest and relax.?

Who decides when we will sleep and when we will remain wakeful and uneasy?

What perverse and contrary part of our own brain refuses to shut down despite the hour?

Knowing that the morning will be taxing and that the need for sufficient sleep is more important than usual, merely puts more pressure on the weary would-be sleeper.

Worrying about sleeplessness is absolutely pointless, as is deliberately attempting to relax, so, what to do?

Watching television is boring enough during daylight hours so not even worth considering.

Reading only makes the mind more active (well, mine anyway)

Please don't say hot milky drink.  Ugh!

Suspect phoning one of my brothers might lead to excommunication (at the least).

Phoning anyone at all not a good idea.

Listening to the silence is unrewarding and a little unnerving.

Talking to myself is unproductive since I have nothing of value to say.

Don't want to go on a spider hunt (might find one)!!

Thinking about Thursday's vote is not going to help anything.

Mentally wandering down the highways and byways of my past is a daunting process since, as we age memories become hazy, fact merging with fiction and however full our memory libraries may be the retrieval system is unreliable.

This is the Summer Solstice and I am a Celt.

Could it be as simple as that?



  1. Sleeping is one of my talents but may I suggest something which always works for me if I'm really stressed....
    A glass of something to listen to...the radio or an audio book... This works every time! Cheers!

  2. I'm sure the scotch would work Jean, probably not radio or anything where I could listen and criticise a voice or a speech pattern.
    Unfortunately I am not supposed to drink with my PD tablets.
    Oddly enough I got home from my St Mary's stint today, had lunch and went for a brief rest on the bed.
    Woke at 5.28 pm (3 and a half hours later).
    Sometimes nature atones for its omissions.

  3. I'm sorry to hear it, Ray. My cure for insomnia lies in the truth and lives of two teenage girls. I really seldom lay awake, but when I do it really does something to you. I wont give any brilliant ideas about hot milk, my mother believed that hot milk or hot beer with some spices, would do the trick- I for one read the book I never finish and wham! I'm out before knowing it.
    If not, Ray, spend the time making great inventions, solving world starvation or just praying for friends and foes. You need your sleep and I sincerely hope this will pass as did that dreadful cold you had, forcing you to stay put and moan. Scotch is nice, but leaves traces of unsolved mysteries like spiderwebs in the deepest corners of the mind. I thought the british people solved everything with a strong pot of tea, or is that just prejudice too???

  4. Goodbye happy illusion!!! What next?

  5. There really are no fairies at the bottom of the garden, they have packed their bags and headed for warmer places.