Friday, 24 June 2016


All my worst fears are realised.

The flag-waving, jingoistic tub-thumping pseudo-patriotic posturing of the Leave brigade has defeated common sense.

Gullible ill-informed and easily swayed the mass of the British public has voted us out of the EU.

What am I afraid of?


Perhaps my greatest fear is that this is the thin end of the wedge which will allow fascism (never very far below the surface) to begin its slow creep into the British psyche.

This after all is the way Nazi Germany began to gain its hold over the reasonable fair-minded part of the population.

All economic considerations aside, and there are many, the insidious racist verbal attacks on sections of our society which have been so evident during this campaign are just the tip of the ice-berg.

Where do we go from here?.

Who knows, but I am praying hard.


  1. I am praying too Ray. Everyone I've spoken to today is feeling the same way....

  2. Black Friday indeed. Give it six months and will there be anyone who will actually admit that they voted to leave ?
    As an expat, I wonder where we'll go from here.

    1. Well we're about to find out. It's just not something I'm looking forward to with any pleasure.

  3. Ray, I have to disagree. We can now take back control of OUR Parliament and not have to obey laws decided by unelected officials in Brussels. There's nothing jingoistic, racist or xenophobic in wanting to be in control of our own destiny.

    1. When did we ever have control of our parliament?
      It seems to me that he who shouts loudest gets furthest.
      I also think that by and large the controls placed on British behaviour by the European Parliament have been beneficial.
      One thing is certain there is no way back from this decision.

  4. I've been following, too, from across the pond and I am praying with you. There are many comparisons to the rhetoric from Leave with the Donald Trump camp here. Ugh. My hope is (and I think there is reason to hope) that things will not be as bad as we dread.

  5. I do so hope you're right Penny. I get the comparison with Donald Trump.
    Heaven help us all.

  6. I had my own thoughts and fears about this the other day, this will effect all of us. In what way we don't know yet, but if the brexit will make the world colder, I really wish the outcome had been different. In Sweden, we have welcomed so many people fr om those long, tiresome and frightening trails through the darkness of evil. I am not saying its easy or even pleasant always, but when in heavens name did any interaction with people of any kind and anywhere become easy?? For my own part I know I can be ever so difficult to cope with. The point here is that we are created to be together, live, love and work together on this earth. The strong help the weak, the rich help the poor, those with many abilities stands by those with fewer. Many of these people now becomes friends!!! I hope for everyones sake Ray, that the comparison with WW2 and Trump is merely a fear, not a truth. But I agree, praying is very very close at hand, darkness is lurking here, we can't let it win!

  7. Whatever happens now we can't turn the clock back so we have to hope that all the internal wrangling currently filling the news will be settled soon.
    Whoever leads this country whatever his/her politics is facing a mammoth leap into the unknown.
    We need someone strong and someone who has our welfare at the centre of any negotiations with Europe and indeed with the rest of the world.
    I wish I could see a likely candidate but at present there is no-one who seems to have any sort of plan to take us forward.
    We must try to sort our internal affairs out while asking for patience from our overseas friends and neighbours.
    I am confident that good will triumph but fear it may take some time.

  8. Coming to this 4 days after the vote, I agree with everything you've written, Ray, and fear that some of your predictions are already starting to come true. The rise of overtly racist verbal attacks on those with a different accent or a different coloured skin (many of the latter being British-born) is shameful and very worrying. I fear that a section of the great British public believes that a vote to leave was a vote to slam shut the gates and even eject those already here. What they will feel and do when it proves that this is neither possible nor desirable, has me very worried. As for the economic fall-out, words fail me...

  9. Not one of my afflictions Perpetua, as you may have noticed.
    Never short of words, but in this case short of any solution.
    Let's hope we're both wrong about the above-mentioned trend.

  10. I am praying hard too, and hope for calmness and common-sense to return. I agree with all of your comments and have recognised the same dangers. Here in Scotland there is even more uncertainty. I keep getting angry, then I realise that it is part and parcel of grief. Please God things improve soon. Blessings from Dalamory

  11. I agree that we must wait for common-sense to return, as it surely will.
    One small glimmer of satisfaction (for me anyway) was the way Nigel Farrage's intemperate outburst was received by the EU. We (and he) were left in no doubt about their feelings. Maybe this is the beginning of a
    reasoned response by our European friends which will lead to his ultimate isolation.
    One can but hope.

  12. I realize now what was the issue in Scotland when they voted for independence. Independence is one thing, standing isolated is quite another, it seems Scotland didn't want isolation from EU. We follow the discussions with interest and evenmore concern, I was perhaps naive to believe that racism was not the first to be dealt with. My fears now is that the absolutely wrong persons will take charge in this and lead the work on. There is also the impact of speed, if EU wants actions to be taken rather swiftly, then there may not be enough time for that common sense . Who is strong, wise and wholehearted enough to deal with this? I am afraid that in a couple of months, there will be no clear political agenda as to the most sensible actions to take. So I will be praying for strong leadership , but one that takes the common good in to consideration and realize that this really never has happened before. Lets hope for that reasoned response, Ray !