Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Out of Action

OK so the picture might be exaggerating slightly, but this is day five of a really nasty cold/virus/lurgy which has kept me in bed for 3 and a half days, and wanting to be in bed the remainder of the time.

Usual very sore throat, streaming nose, sneezing and coughing coupled with bouts of giddiness.  Sweating profusely at the slightest exertion (or none at all) and total loss of appetite.

One kind neighbour bought my oranges, squash and grapes so I didn't have to even think of going out, another put out and replaced my bins for me on collection day, so there was no need to make any gestures toward 'normal activities'

Obviously, having missed church on Sunday, and my favourite anthem "Drop drop slow tears" I also am losing out on the suddenly wonderful weather after a really cold grey week.

This, in case you hadn't noticed is a  bout of self-indulgent self-pity of the first order.

Having got it off my chest (so to speak), I should feel guilty but relieved.

I don't.

If I were a baby I'd throw my rattle out of the pram.

If I were a toddler I'd stamp and scream.

But I'm just a miserable, whinging old woman, sweating and whining.

And Blogging


  1. You know, it is absolutely okey to whine and whimper occassionally. I think the Lord gave us the ability to whine, like he did all other abilities; to be used with sense and when needed.
    Now you need it, right? There is a time for everything, remember? This is the wereallyfeelsorryforRay-kind of a time, leading to the Hurraysheisbackinstyle-kind of time. Get well soon, it WILL go away!!!

  2. Thank you Fairtrader. I think I have probably used up my
    share of complaining time, so will bear that in mind when I next post.
    Am already about 75% better.

  3. Ray....complaining is normal for most people so don't feel bad about it....get better soon!

  4. Well !! No-one has ever accused me of being normal before.
    Thanks for the good wishes Jean.

  5. I hope the final 25% is better now? Sorry to hear you were ill :)

  6. Thanks Sue. Just about. Am back to church this morning so we'll see.

  7. And do keep on blogging. Hope you are better now.

  8. Of course I will Freda. I couldn't deprive the world of my golden prose.
    Yes thanks, I am back to my version of normal:-)