Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Draws on

Yes that right, you have seen this before. (many times), and yes, it does mean I have sunk without trace yet another large whisky.

The reason (excuse), this time is that I have just got in from a very tiring, though wonderful, Christmas Bazaar at St.M's.

The first of many, it was held on yet another dark, very wet day.  I don't know how much rain there still is up there, but oh boy do I wish it would stay up there.
We had a steady stream of people through most of the morning which thinned by mid-day, and dwindled to a handfull by 2.00 p.m   Nevertheless, we all, the 'traders', enjoyed it  and we did quite well I think financially.

I was working for an organisation within the church known as 'Space', which offers a listening ear to a variety of people with diverse problems, reasons for seeking company, and someone with time and a willing spirit to engage with them.

Knowing at first hand, how very useful such a haven can be I am only too happy to try to offer someone else some of the kindness, friendship and comfort I have received.

We had everything for sale from cakes, many and splendid, smellies, very varied, and knitted good, handcrafted items expertly made and pottery, also hand made.  We had unwanted gifts of every description size and price and at the end of the sale had reduced our mountain to a mole-hill.

Despite the awful weather - a feature of this year - all our regular customers and many new ones dropped in and spent their hard-earned cash.

Since I never eat at these events when I arrived home, thanks to a lift from a lovely lady, I was hungry, tired, and in need of a pick me up, supplied courtesy of Grants.

Rather than eat I thought I would pickle my liver and eat this evening.  Then thought, why not share my day with my readers.

Tomorrow there are two services, the usual 10am Eucharist and in the afternoon a service for "Peace and Justice in Syria.  The latter is an ecumenical service using the Iona liturgy so will make quite a varied (if busy) day.

This seems as good a reason as any for downing a whisky.  I don't really need an excuse but it's nice to have one.



  1. The Christmas Bazaar is a rarity here anymore. I have such fond recollections of them when I was a young girl. A few pennies bought treasures, if not Fudge or Divinity candy. It was also one of the few occasions I got to stay up "late" (probably as late as 9pm).

    Sounds like you've had not only a busy, but full life. Blessings all!

  2. Busy indeed Kathleen, but all the better for that.
    Blessings likewise.

  3. I reckon you deserved that whisky after all your hard work, Ray. I should have been supporting the Church Christmas Fair on the north coast of Scotland yesterday, but sadly missed it by coming south early. Well done on keeping up the tradition and for such a good cause.

  4. Hmmm Not too sure about deserving, especially since, unusually for me, it resulted in a slight hangover.
    With two services today I could have done without a fuzzy head.
    Still they went reasonably well and all I now have to worry about is how to fit in all the housework which has been totally neglected this weekend.
    Perhaps I'll do some of it when I get back tomorrow afternoon, or perhaps I'll catch up on some sleep. Anno Dominuminuminum!