Thursday, 29 November 2012

Overcome by trivia

Fighting my spiteful duvet into its uncooperative cover this morning I was reminded yet again of the way some (apparently) inanimate objects, conspire to defeat the feeble.

As with so many things, the power of the inanimate is awe inspiring.

Does anyone know why, when your hands are full, faced with a pair of swing doors, the one which is unlocked always says "pull"?

Why, on the one morning you are running late, having for once had a good night's sleep and overslept, you pull on your shoes in the dark,  is the right foot always in the left shoe?

Why when you have left something upstairs do you only find you need it when you are downstairs, and worse, when you get back up there do you forget what it was?

Shopping, looking for something, finally you find it hand over a 25% off coupon triumphantly, only to hear,"sorry madam this coupon ran out yesterday".

When you phone someone you need to talk to urgently, why is it they are always "out" or "in a meeting", and when you call back later at the time suggested, they  have just gone to lunch?

In a hurry, needing a quick photocopy of just one single sheet, the machine requests several minutes of codes, minute instructions etc. and when you have finally got the green light, you push the start button and "out of paper", it sneers.

Queuing for a coffee, you are eyeing the one remaining piece of coffee and walnut cake, then the person just in front takes it!!!!!!

Waiting for the bus in the cold and wet, it finally hoves into view with the words "Not in service" proudly displayed in front.

And, last but not least, a particularly personal one, why don't eyelashes grow as fast and as long as eyebrows?

PPS I have just seen a Blackcap in the back garden.  Of course, I am upstairs and the camera is downstairs!


  1. Ray, I can so relate! I think it's called Murphy's Law ...

  2. Oh, is that what it's called? Hmmm, not what I call it.
    Not just me then Broad?

  3. Yes, the added feature of going downstairs to retrieve something and then forgetting what it was when you get down there is one of my "favorites." I could almost make an exercise routine out of it, I do it so often.

  4. Perhaps it's the time-lag that's the problem Penny.

    How about installing an escalator, then you'd reach your destination before you had time to forget? Or maybe not.

  5. Welcome to my world, Ray. I could almost suspect you'd been following me. :-) The going downstairs and forgetting is a simple fact of life, but the others, or things like them, crop up with increasing regularity too.

  6. Ahhhh, life's little conundrums! You're telling my story.

  7. Perpetua, I'm disappointed. Do you mean to say it's not a conspiracy then?

  8. Welcome to the club Kathleen, perhaps we should call it the conundrum club?

  9. What about the last dirty teaspoon that is found after you have spent ages washing a mountain of dishes?

  10. Ah but don't you see Jane, that teaspoon is not 'found'. It chooses to materialize just when you think you've finished, washed the rubber gloves, put the teacloth on the radiator to dry etc.
    There is nothing random about 'them'.

  11. Sounds like the kind of day you have when there are visitors coming....

  12. Don't have many of those Freda, but yes it probably would be a good day for the 'inanimate' to take over.