Friday, 16 November 2012

Another Scam Alert

I have just taken a phone call from someone who asked me to confirm I was who I was, gave me the correct  Postcode then launched into a warning about a serious virus.
They had not identified themselves which immediately put my early morning antennae on the alert, and then said I was to go and switch on my computer.
I said "No" and put the phone down, went upstairs and switched off my computer.
When I dialled 1471 the number was withheld.
Right decision?   I think so.


  1. Absolutely right, Ray. Your early morning antennae do a good job. :-)

  2. Brighton Pensioner and Perpetua. Glad you both agree.
    As a lifetime cynic/sceptic I don't merely take things with a dose of salt, I start out disbelieving and have to be convinced otherwise.
    Whatever else is tattooed on my forehead it's not gullible.

  3. You are lucky to have an early-morning antenna, I would still have been at the dozy stage then. It's a pain how many telephone sales calls and email spam we all receive these days.

  4. Not so much a question of luck Freda, more the early rising habits of half a century.
    Sadly my alert system capsizes around mid-day and it's downhill all the way from there.
    I do so agree about the cold-calling, a complete pain in the posterior.