Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Arachnid update

Sorry about the vile picture, but I have just evicted my lurking monster.

Tripping light-heartedly up the stairs having just watched "Holby City" and with not a care in the world, and , luckily for once, with slippers on my feet, I was half way up the stairs and there on the wall, inches from me was 'him', 'it', 'the thing'.

I somehow shot past it dived into the office grabbed and emptied my  paper bin, and grabbing also my trusty dust-buster, I simply held the bin below the thing flipped it with the duster, tore downstairs and opened the front door with one hand while tipping the bin into the garden.

I can't believe I just did that, but despite now having the shivers it has gone !!!!

Unless of course, that was just a cousin.


  1. Way to go, Ray! Well done and of course it was THE ONE!

  2. Well done Ray. It's awful looking.

  3. Wish that had been caught on video. Did you ever imagine you could move with such stealthy swiftness?

  4. I love the mental picture I have of this scene, Ray! Well done! I'm glad you're a re-locator and not a squish-with-slippers-sort. Which takes bravery of the first order.

  5. Perpetua, How do you KNOW?

    Jane, Agreed. Truly awful, but hopefully now being awful elsewhere.

    Kathleen. Believe me. I have infinite belief in my ability to move at the speed of light when motivated by fear.

    Oh Penny, so very true. I am so brave you'd never believe it was me creeping warily about, looking into corners for its family and friends.

  6. Well done you although I do not share your fear being so brave when it is a fear is to be congratulated.
    Thank you for posting the flag, I noticed your name on the package. xxxx

  7. I do so hope he has no family!

    I'm glad you got the flag, sent by our revered parish administrator, but as usual, foot soldiered by yours truly.
    You're very welcome.

  8. well done Ray...great photo! no videos of your achievement? ;)

  9.! Are You mad woman?
    If I had to stand and capture the thing on film I'd die on the spot, or head for the next county at Olympic speed.
    I'm just glad it is no longer here.