Thursday, 2 August 2012

Where did all this fervour come from?

This is both a personal and a general question.

Never interested in sports, games, athletics, competitive events of any sort at any time in my life, suddenly I am finding a new and unexpected enthusiasm for all of these.

Thursday is a non-St. M's day, so has become my main household chores day - or at least that is the theory.

Since watching a little of the opening ceremony (not by choice, but because there was no alternative), last Friday evening, I have found myself being increasingly drawn in to the discussion, argument, and criticism of the previous day's events.

Amazingly quite furious about the disgusting Chinese, Korean, Indonesian debacle (badminton, with the emphasis on the bad).  Wildly enthusiastic about the Bradley Wiggins  gold, the women rowers, etc etc.

Every time (roughly every half hour), I slack off from the chores I'm supposed to be doing, I switch on to BBC 1 and find myself sitting, and this morning, cheering on the current British favourite.  Today it was the wonderful Becky, swimming like a dolphin on speed, and looking like a cert for a gold.

What is  happening?  Where did I go?

This is not me, or at least, not the me I remember.

Somebody, I forget who, once said that patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel.  Well all I can add is move over scoundrels, room for one more?


  1. In 1996 the Olympics were held in Atlanta where I lived. I said I was going to leave town for most of it to avoid all the hoopla. Then I ended up attending several events and collecting Olympic pins! I was surprised at how much I got into it and how much fun it all was.

  2. I'm not at all surprised, Ray. Even without TV or the ability to watch events online (the Beeb isn't allowed to transmit them abroad) I find myself checking the BBC website for results and reports and feeling delighted, annoyed or surprised at what I read. Enjoy them - they won't happen in the UK again in our lifetimes.

  3. Same here, totally non sporty but was excited yesterday by the men's time trials yesterday. Part of that interest was because the route at one point was a couple of miles from my home so enjoyed seeing familiar landmarks from a different perspective.

    Also can knit and view so time is not wasted.

  4. Strange isn't it Penny, that no matter how well we think we know ourselves, we can always be startled by a new reaction. Taken by surprise by our own adaptability.

  5. "they won't happen again in the UK in our lifetime"
    You speak for yourself Perpetua. I have every intention of still being around next time (whenever that is)!

    1. LOL, Ray! If it takes as long for the Olympics to return as it did this time, I'd be 130! Nice thought....:-)

  6. Yes PixieMum, I too know or knew some of the venues before they were venues, if you know what I mean?
    It does make a difference I think, somehow makes the whole shebang a little 'closer to home'.