Thursday, 23 August 2012

Quick warning

This is nothing to to with my earlier post, but I have had a phone call purporting to be from Windows about a potential virus.  The caller informed me that my computer was under threat and that he would 'talk me' through a quick procedure to prevent this.
I asked  him the name of his company.  He mumbled, I asked for their phone number and he replied "sit at your computer and just quickly answer these questions".  Whereupon I hung up.
 I immediately dialed 1471 but the number had been withheld.
I then went upstairs and turned my computer off at the mains for an hour.
Over cautious, maybe, maybe but this I am sure is a scam.
Apart from anything else, windows updates remotely and requires no input from users.
Don't get caught!


  1. Yes it is a scam - well done you for not falling for it.

  2. Thanks TS. My arm was aching from patting myself on the back. You've saved me the necessity.
    Took my mind of the spider too.

  3. Quick thinking, Ray. These blighters can be very convincing...

  4. I'm a natural cynic Perpetua, and these days with all the warnings 'out there' I take every approach from an unknown with a very large ladle of salt.