Thursday, 23 August 2012

Aaaargh !! I don't believe it's that time again.

There's no need to say it, I know.  I have bleated on endlessly about  these THINGS, but they won't leave me alone.

I was taking a short break from bed-changing, laundry etc and having a quiet cuppa.  I'm off coffee at present ( and no, I'm not pregnant).  Sitting at the computer idling through my favourite blogs and suddenly I was aware, you know the feeling, that the corner held something I didn't want to see.

The dark patch in the corner was the biggest house-spider I've ever seen, much like the one in the picture (which incidentally I am avoiding looking at,) and not moving.

I stared at it for ages, about a millionth of a second, and tore out of the room to fetch my trusty dust-buster, long of handle and with the 'business end' about a metre from my hand.  With my new-found, since John's death, totally fake courage, I opened the window wide and tried my usual manoeuvre of lifting it from underneath onto the nylon 'feathers'.  It retracted some of its ten foot long legs and descended a further few inches nearer the floor.

Thoroughly alarmed by now, hair literally standing on end and talking at the top of my voice to the invader, I had another go.  It dropped to the floor and while I stepped back in sheer terror, vanished.

Now I know it's here somewhere, but it is hiding and that is worse than seeing it.

It is absolutely no use anyone telling me, "they do a lot of good you know, keeping flies and other insects down, or even less use, "they are more scared of you than you are of them".

Want to bet!

The one in my office is bigger than the one in  the  Google image.


  1. Argggh! I feel for you,Ray, especially where the heavy-bodied beasties like the one in your photo are concerned. Here in Normandy we get lots of very spindly spiders which look much like daddy-long-legs and I can cope with those, but the big monsters make me shudder.

  2. Thee and me both Perpetua. I really can feel the hair on my head move even looking at a picture of one, and the real THING is just too much.
    I suppose we could see them as evidence that God has a sense of humour, but I feel it is more likely a sign that he had, if not an off day, at least an off nano-second.

  3. Oh that I were still round the corner, I would come I remove it for you. Miss you & your amazing listening skills and welcome advice.

  4. I wish you were still around the corner too Shona, if I catch it I'll send it to you!
    My "listening skills" are a combination of big ears and nosyness, and advice is easy when it's for others, taking one's own is another matter.
    I hope all is well with you and yours.

  5. We are all well thank you Ray. Still in awe at this amazing country & the opportunities that are now ours. We feel very blessed to have this chance. x