Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I am unequal to this task

Once again a picture that has nothing to do with the post, merely that it gives me some comfort.

It is a white hibiscus which appeared in my garden next to the blue one, used in a previous post.

I didn't plant it but it is very welcome.

Back to the post I intended to write, having returned yesterday from a really good weekend with my brother and sister-in-law in Kent which was relaxing and very pleasant,

I was very nervous about the return journey since it is the first time I've been on a train for seventeen years.

When i was working I travelled all over London on foot, by underground, or by car (not driving), and was familiar with all the transport systems.  I used to run down the escalators, dive into trains just as the doors closed and quickly mentally re-routed when one underground line was fouled up for some reason.

I never gave it a second's thought, because it was familiar and routine.

When I retired life changed totally.  John drove us wherever we went, and if we were flying anywhere on holiday we would get a taxi to Heathrow and back.

Little-by-little, I bacame unused to public transport and increasingly used to dorr-to-door comfort.

Since his death I have become aware daily just how much I relied on John, and have had to readjust to a totally different means of getting around.

When my brother invited me for the weekend I refused at first because I found the prospect of the return journey so daunting. (they were picking me up and taking me back home with them on their return from holiday).

Having discussed this at length, we decided that they would take me to Headcorn station where I would catch the train to Charing Cross, and then, rather than the series of underground trains I'd have had to take (new automated system) I would get a taxi to Marylebone and the train to Aylesbury then a taxi home.

This sounded easy so I agreed, thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the family again and visiting interesting local areas (including church service at Biddenden on Sunday morning).

The return journey was fine and went without a hitch until I got to Aylesbury.

The taxi driver didn't know where my address was, didn't know his left from his right and by the time we got there I was in such a temper I could have cheerfully brained him.

Nevertheless, i was home much earlier than I'd expected so almost my first act was to fire up the computer.

DISASTER.  BT will not let me onto my site and keep asking for information which they then reject.  I haven't screamed yet but.........

I am seriously thinking of giving up blogging.  This one was only possible because I had kept my old access through "favourites".

It seems it is not safe to turn your back on your computer even for a weekend.

Why wasn't I born 30 years ago????


  1. Oh, Ray, what an unfortunate end to your weekend adventure. I'm glad you went and had a good visit, and I'm guessing that you will figure out the computer issue by one way or another.... Look how far you've already come in the last year! I know you can do it!

  2. Draw hope from the beauty of that gorgeous white Hibiscus. You can do it.

  3. Hi Penny
    Still wrestling with the computer (since yesterday afternoon) to no avail.
    I wish I had your faith in me.

  4. Jane, I would love to think you were right but the evidence indicates otherwise.

  5. Call BT. Really, it's worth it.
    I too have barely used public transport since I got married, and I too would stress about it. Really, we're twins!!

  6. Thanks Anita, will do so.
    Don't have time today, but will try tomorrow.